Love for things
done well

We select the best meats and maintain a limited production to ensure the quality and slow pace of the processes. In this way, we guarantee a natural and authentic production, as it was done before.


Cooked Ham

It is the most traditional specialty of our house. Tender and authentic tasting, made from whole pork hams from pigs that have been fed naturally, with cereals and without animal fats.


Smoked Ham and Lacon

The same meticulous selection of the raw material and careful production of our cooked ham but with a light smoked flavour of natural beech wood.


Iberian specialties

The ultimate in cooked ham. It offers the exquisite mouthfeel and the unmistakable taste of ham and shoulder of Iberian pork.



Maximum quality of selected pieces that are produced following traditional recipes and give a subtle natural smoky flavour.


Turkey specialties

Ideal for light meals and rich in healthy nutrients, beneficial to our bodies. Natural products made from the tender meat of selectively bred turkeys.